Week of January 23

SUNDAY BIBLE STUDY The class is titled, "Who Am I, and What Am I Doing Here?" This class will focus on the purposes of our lives, why God has us here, and how we can make the most effective use of our time. This class will be led on Zoom and in person every Sunday morning at11:00. ZOOM ID 204 576 0929 Passcode Trinity Please join us!

THURSDAY NIGHT BIBLE STUDY “Listening to the Language of the Bible.” Meets every Thursday from 7-8 pm. The class is open to new participants. We will be studying Biblical words and phrases in their original context in order to expand our understanding of God's direction and understanding for our living in Christ. Get the details by sending your e-mail and address to Pastor L at You will receive a copy of the book and a study guide along with information on how each class session is planned.

ALTAR GUILD MEETING Monday, January 25 at 6:30pm in the Parlor


Now, more than ever, it is important to be up-to-date with the news of our church body, the  Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, as a whole. The Michigan District of the LCMS is working hard to  provide resources of encouragement, answer theological questions, provide financial guidance for churches, educate about best practices of staying connected for worship online, and more. 

To connect, subscribe to their Michigan Minute Enews emails by going to You will need to click on an additional link on the top of this webpage (it says, “To subscribe to the Michigan Minute E-newsletter, click here.”)

Memorial, Endowment and Trust Fund report to Trinity Lutheran Church (January, 2020)

Greeting fellow members in the Lord,
On January 13, 2021 the Endowment Committee met to conduct their annual business. This year we were blessed to receive a large anonymous unrestricted gift from a member of the congregation. Along with our investments, memorials and other gifts we were able to fund the following projects for 2021:

$ 2,000 moved to the Trinity escrow -- Nativity Walk Fund
$ 6,000 for missionary support – J. Ryder; E. Hutton; L. VanBemmelen; His Arms Kenya
$ 50,000 paid on debt principal that lowered debt principal to $ 44,503.59
$ 12,000 to Church Extension Fund for the 2021 payments on the debt
$ 5,000 for digital voice upgrade in church … moved to the Trinity Media escrow fund
$ 5,665 for Heating computer system bill
$ 80,665 Disbursed Thrivent Holding $ 18,000. Reinvested $143,308.69
A special gift was designated from a member to purchase a new computer for Pastor Appold.   

The total Portfolio of the Trinity Endowment Fund will be about $ 345,000. In addition, the Snyder Memorial of $200,000 is a perpetual gift that is managed by Muskegon Foundation from which we receive a designated interest each year. We also oversee the West Shore

Scholarship Fund of $ 43,822.92 that is invested with LCEF of the synod.
The Endowment Committee looks forward to offering seminars and information evenings in late 2021 for the congregation and for interested individuals by providing wise guidance on how to arrange an estate. We strongly encourage members to have a will or estate plan for their resources and to consider sharing some of their investments as a gift to the Trinity Lutheran Church Endowment Fund. If you have questions or need more information Rev.Dennis Lassanske, chairman (231-750-4054) would be available to assist individuals now and in the future when considering various options. A lawyer would be needed to execute your financial plan.

GIVING AT TRINITY Thank you for continuing to give generously to Trinity and support the ministry with your Offerings. You may do so by mailing your Offering envelopes to Trinity at 3225 Roosevelt Road, Muskegon, MI, 49441 or by giving online. To set up an online giving account, please visit  

  2021 FLOWER CHART The new Altar Guild Flower Chart is posted and ready for orders. Altar flowers are $14      per vase, checks made out to “Trinity Altar Guild”

DOOR OFFERING Sunday, January 24 will be our celebration of Life Sunday. We will have a door offering for the Muskegon Pregnancy Center. The Muskegon Pregnancy Center is a Pro-Life organization that seeks to save and change lives through support & tangible resources.

MUSKEGON RIGHT TO LIFE is looking for a representative from each church. Will you represent Right to Life at Trinity? (No meetings are required, but you are welcome at the Board meetings.) Muskegon Right to Life will occasionally share information with you and ask that you share with your Pastor. With your help, hearts can be changed and lives saved. If you would like to represent Trinity in this important capacity, please let the church office know.

2021 DAILY BIBLE READING GUIDE Want a great resolution for 2021? How about reading through the Bible in one year. Here is a great guide from a great organization--Lutheran Bible Translators...Go ahead and give it a try! 2021 DAILY BIBLE READING GUIDE

CD’s & DVD’s of our services are delivered to those who are unable to watch via the internet. This has been a blessing to many of our members! Please let the church office know if you or someone you know would like to be added to this group. We would also appreciate additional drivers to assist with this endeavor.

MONTHLY MIRACLE DRIVE For the months of December and January we are collecting monetary donations and diapers for Muskegon Pregnancy Services. You may send a check to Trinity with the notation MPS on the memo line. Thank you for your generosity!