Let’s do life together! Sign up to get together with 3 other families over the course of four months and share a meal, a snack, or a dessert. More importantly you’ll get to share life and deepen healthy relationships with brothers and sisters at Trinity and West Shore.  Sign up online in seconds! 


Tables for 8 is a great way to enjoy people around us and to get to know others of our church family better. This is an opportunity to do life together. Singles and couples of all ages are welcome.


Sign up! You can use this brochure or register online at You’ll then be grouped with other families! From this group of four families the lead host will contact all the other members to decide the date and time of your first gathering. At this first gathering, the group then decides who will host the following month

WHAT About Hosting?

You are not required to host a meal at your home or cook to participate. If you can’t or don’t like to cook, consider something store-bought (Pizza?), decide on a potluck, or you may all agree to meet at a restaurant (going Dutch!). If you don’t have the space for such a group, consider a local free community room, picnic areas at a local park, or perhaps meet at the church (the office staff must be consulted for permission and availability). And you don’t have to meet just for  dinner – breakfasts, brunch, lunch, and dessert and coffee work too!

What About the kiddos?

Childcare will be decided by the host and parents. Ideas: Perhaps children can play or watch TV quietly in another room, a shared babysitter can serve multiple parents - possibly teen children of other group members would be willing to babysit young children at the parent’s home or parents may need to find their own babysitter.

When Do We Start?

Sign-ups will start in May and groups will be formed as sign-ups occur. Please sign up no later than Sunday, June 3rd so groups can be formed in a timely fashion.

What if I have Questions?

Feel free to speak to Joel Zander, or email