Stephen Ministry

Trinity is a Stephen Ministry congregation. TLC joins thousands of congregations from more than 100 denominations to provide high quality, Christ-centered training to give caring ministry to: the lonely, discouraged, grieving, hospitalized, chronically ill, separated, divorced, those going through adoption or birth, those facing major life transitions, the aging and elderly and more. In a nutshell, Stephen Ministry is Christ-centered Caring for People through People.

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Training Classes

The skills our Stephen Ministers learn and practice prepare them to provide a very high level of Christian caregiving. The training is intense because it is also a growth-producing experience. The training is being led by Barb Rudick, trained Stephen Leader as well as a few classes by Pastor Appold.
The 50 hours of SM training are broken down into 2.5 hour sessions held on Thursday evenings. Among the topics are: Feelings, The Art of Listening, Distinctively Christian Caring, Assertiveness: Relating Gently and Firmly, Confidentiality, Ministering to Those Experiencing Grief, Caring for People Before, During and After Hospitalization, and many more.
The new trainees are in for a fantastic experience. While being a SM requires commitment of time and effort, it also brings joy, fulfillment and growth. The impact of SM on our congregation will be tremendous. People whose needs might otherwise slip through the cracks will be coming face to face with Jesus' love through their trained SM.

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